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New drawings

Some new drawing I’m working on. They may become a book sometime soon.


Appendices of the greatest German writers of the 20th Century

Pretty self-explanatory. This is kind of where I’m going with this work.


Asteroids, part II: the exhibition

Last Saturday night I had a little exhibition in my bedroom. It was entitled “Excerpts From The Asteroid Belt” and consisted of representations of everything asteroid. Included in the show were a wall drawing, other drawings, a photograph, sculptures, multiples, and a computer game. Here are some photos from the evening.


Asteroids, part I

A selection of drawings and sculptures of asteroids, which will hopefully become a book at some point. These relate to the exhibition “Excerpts From The Asteroid Belt” which will be discussed later.


Kicking this thing off.

So, yeah. ummmm… let me get you caught up. I started this as an outlet for the large amount of drawing and painting and sculpting and writing I’ve been doing lately. So hopefully I’ll keep this updated with some of my latest pieces, hot off the scanner. Here’s a sample of some recent drawings from a series of vital organs…


From the desk of A. D. Jacobson.