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proposals for installations, in diorama form.


I will be participating in Artranspennine 08, a large scale cross-regional exhibition spanning the Pennine mountain range in Northern England. For the exhibition I will be placing icebergs around Manchester at various times and letting them melt to the guffaws and applause of onlookers. More information with regards to possible dates and times will be forthcoming both on this blog and on here is an idea of what it might look like:

The piece is entitled ‘”One if by land, two if by sea.” or “The icebergs are melting, the icebergs are melting.”‘ which refers to slogans from the American Revolution, which began in and around Boston.

degree show

…. it’s coming sooner than I think.

Sorry its been so long. Ive been busy getting things in shape for the show and havent really been doing much new stuff. There will definitely be photos, some asteroids, a melting iceberg and an appendix, and other stuff to be detirmined. Also, I will be launching my new book of photographs entitled Dedication !!!

Here’s a tiny idea of what it may look like. I’m just working on wall colours/ieas.

I’ll have much more as I begin to finally finish it all up.

p.s. if you’d like to come, the dates are 13-21 June


artist statement, have a look if you fancy…

overheard at the CCA Glasgow

and I quote… “Wow, look at that, they’ve covered that skull in diamonds!”

-one ten-year-old to another, upon seeing the April Artforum cover.

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