from the opus.  Its a rambling sort of thing.  Hills and valleys.


A merchant in the street hawking skip-dived wares.

Let macroeconomics work its course, must not disturb the gears.

A Rube Goldberg machine of sorts.

Yellow canary flying away to trip the switch.

Darwinian specimen.

We shall for evermore praise our Smithian brethren for bringing us these gems of gold and rubies.

Greenspan rebuking himself.


A laughing, indelibly caring pygmy swan.


Glibness as a sign of respect.

Argumentativeness being a treasured trait.

(Recycled machine-guns and semi-automatics.)

A soft sigh before intercourse.

A pitchfork in the hay.

Millais as a man of the people.


An illustrative gesture:  Lifting his arm, the sunken fellow motioned to a pair of neatly preserved patrolmen.  The officers, conferring, played hard of hearing, letting the old man struggle on the pavement.  Again, the drunkard lifted, almost flailed, his arm to motion at them and when, again, no assistance was offered, he began with a slew of half-cocked somewhat derogatory remarks, encoded by his inebriated state.

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