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Laying elegance into adjectives.

A pudding of lemongrass and marmalade.

A workedup young singer, fresh from the stage.

Non-artists eating their words.



Erroneous nincompoop.

A whisk of sanity, of inanity.

Words denoting null.

Of a soothing caress.

Of a teapot.

Recognized actions forming an identity.

That One.

Him, over there, with the uzi in his hand.

Shotgun weddings and divorcees.


And armynationalguardsmen.


A signifier; past participles.

Garish beasts of twisted hair and destructive breath tearing into the flesh of the living.


Images from November/December

My photographing has gone into a bit of a hibernation.  I made some photos in Nov/Dec on my little trip round the US.  Here are a few:




Back in Boston

I’m back home again for an as yet undetirmined length of time.

A bit more from the writing piece I’m working on:


Looking back in time at the stars.

The biggest being the closest.

Venus rising over the southeast in summer.

Bigbears and hunters.

Moonman singing.

Moonman getting drunk.

Dipper pointing north.

Tubman running the railroad.

Religious parables passed down.

Of Abraham and the goat.

Of three subservient wisemen headed north.

Of a power greater than.

Of belief.

The astute discovery of love and passion.

Sipping red wine with moths.


A fiery hell burning holes in retinas and irises.

Estuaries of the Everglades.

Long storks stalking.

The slow trudge to the centre of the earth.

Lethargic snails sleeping in the brackish muck.


An illusion of the cerebellum.

Waking in the middle of the night, alone and in a cold sweat, looking out the window to see the bright lights of freedom hovering in the dense fog.

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My new Baby:


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