My photography is a quiet practice. A product of a prolonged, gradual approach to seeing. There is something wonderfully elegant about an empty field, a strength in an overlooked corner of the world. In the end I’m a realist. My work exists as it is. There are obvious subjects of interest, plants, trees, fields, ocean, but they serve first and foremost as texture and color palette. I’m always aware of composition, of a sturdy, controlled base on which to build. Everything in its right place, so the song goes. Maybe there is something there, in the obsessive drive to control the world, to bound it into a square frame. I don’t know.

My criticism and writing about art is generally driven by a frustration with contemporary art culture. Where my photography is strictly grounded in realism, my criticism is ideological (at times hyperbolically so). One can only have faith in the perpetual progress of certain things.



All work on this site ©2010 Alexander D. Jacobson

But you already knew that.

1 Response to “Artist Statement”

  1. 1 Monte April 30, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    its possible you are aware of this already but, i penned out a long idea and it got erased, precisely why was that?

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