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new photos

Take a look (also these)

Images from November/December

My photographing has gone into a bit of a hibernation.  I made some photos in Nov/Dec on my little trip round the US.  Here are a few:




i Publications

My new Baby:


My Exhibiton at Olive Cafe

I’m showing some photos in a galley nearby my flat.  Please come!!


ATP08 Opening

Although I was absent, an iceberg managed to make an appearance at the ATP08 opening at International3 in Manchester.

click here for more info

Degree Show

The GSA Degree Show is now open! For opening hours/other info see

Here are some pictures of it and a video tour:

degree show

…. it’s coming sooner than I think.

Sorry its been so long. Ive been busy getting things in shape for the show and havent really been doing much new stuff. There will definitely be photos, some asteroids, a melting iceberg and an appendix, and other stuff to be detirmined. Also, I will be launching my new book of photographs entitled Dedication !!!

Here’s a tiny idea of what it may look like. I’m just working on wall colours/ieas.

I’ll have much more as I begin to finally finish it all up.

p.s. if you’d like to come, the dates are 13-21 June


Some photos I’m printing at the moment. They’re all from late last year, finally printing them bigger.


Spreads from a theoretical book

These will give you an idea, though I’m crap at graphic design. The working title is “Dedications.”


From the desk of A. D. Jacobson.