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Love and vice versa

the mandolin next door played into

dusk; a hymn, a forgetful lullaby.

you two, with your touching hands.

the rosewood tree in the back garden

blossomed only once this year.

its petalled pink uncertain

it languished with the chilly march lions

and late april which stole its pussies.

archetypical lonelyboy

wanting the sex and the love

settles for a job and a ten-cent whore.


a saturated mediateque of

brightflashinglights—the yellows elapsing,

oh, oh, the blues try to rescue…

bright flashing lights and the bulbs

and the quickpulsed notes that blink.

they come up on you so.

played well into dusk; a harp joins in.

this song has no last note.


Laying elegance into adjectives.

A pudding of lemongrass and marmalade.

A workedup young singer, fresh from the stage.

Non-artists eating their words.



Erroneous nincompoop.

A whisk of sanity, of inanity.

Words denoting null.

Of a soothing caress.

Of a teapot.

Recognized actions forming an identity.

That One.

Him, over there, with the uzi in his hand.

Shotgun weddings and divorcees.


And armynationalguardsmen.


A signifier; past participles.

Garish beasts of twisted hair and destructive breath tearing into the flesh of the living.


Images from November/December

My photographing has gone into a bit of a hibernation.  I made some photos in Nov/Dec on my little trip round the US.  Here are a few:




Back in Boston

I’m back home again for an as yet undetirmined length of time.

A bit more from the writing piece I’m working on:


Looking back in time at the stars.

The biggest being the closest.

Venus rising over the southeast in summer.

Bigbears and hunters.

Moonman singing.

Moonman getting drunk.

Dipper pointing north.

Tubman running the railroad.

Religious parables passed down.

Of Abraham and the goat.

Of three subservient wisemen headed north.

Of a power greater than.

Of belief.

The astute discovery of love and passion.

Sipping red wine with moths.


A fiery hell burning holes in retinas and irises.

Estuaries of the Everglades.

Long storks stalking.

The slow trudge to the centre of the earth.

Lethargic snails sleeping in the brackish muck.


An illusion of the cerebellum.

Waking in the middle of the night, alone and in a cold sweat, looking out the window to see the bright lights of freedom hovering in the dense fog.

i Publications

My new Baby:


My Exhibiton at Olive Cafe

I’m showing some photos in a galley nearby my flat.  Please come!!



from the opus.  Its a rambling sort of thing.  Hills and valleys.


A merchant in the street hawking skip-dived wares.

Let macroeconomics work its course, must not disturb the gears.

A Rube Goldberg machine of sorts.

Yellow canary flying away to trip the switch.

Darwinian specimen.

We shall for evermore praise our Smithian brethren for bringing us these gems of gold and rubies.

Greenspan rebuking himself.


A laughing, indelibly caring pygmy swan.


Glibness as a sign of respect.

Argumentativeness being a treasured trait.

(Recycled machine-guns and semi-automatics.)

A soft sigh before intercourse.

A pitchfork in the hay.

Millais as a man of the people.


An illustrative gesture:  Lifting his arm, the sunken fellow motioned to a pair of neatly preserved patrolmen.  The officers, conferring, played hard of hearing, letting the old man struggle on the pavement.  Again, the drunkard lifted, almost flailed, his arm to motion at them and when, again, no assistance was offered, he began with a slew of half-cocked somewhat derogatory remarks, encoded by his inebriated state.

Long time coming

Sorry for the extended delay.  I’m back in Glasgow for the moment to write among other things.  Here’s an excerpt of a little thing I’m working on.  Keep checking back as I’ll be updating this regularly again.  I promise.


The decrepit linguist making faces at the kindergardeners walking by his window.



The faces they rejoinder with.


Bewilderment crossed with appreciation.

The spitting rain, ever-present, laughing along.

The joke, funny enough; tiresome comedy that tugs at your skirt and tears holes in your pantyhose.

A stumbled laugh. Evocative.


ATP08 Opening

Although I was absent, an iceberg managed to make an appearance at the ATP08 opening at International3 in Manchester.

click here for more info

Degree Show

The GSA Degree Show is now open! For opening hours/other info see

Here are some pictures of it and a video tour:

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